Now we can see you

Our eyes are open

Now the pups can see – their eyes have opened and I guess you could say this is the last “quiet” week – as from now on the development proceeds an an amazing rate, with the pups learning to find their way round and starting to walk rather than scoot/swim about the puppy box, and with sight and hearing working well they will start to make more and more noises as they communicate.

Tuuli is still being a very attentive mum, but now is happier to leave the box to take a short trip to the garden, and is stopping on route for cuddles rather than rushing back at break neck speed!

This week’s photos start to show the differences between them all 🙂

(Click on a photo to see a larger image)

  • “Smokey”

    Finnish Lapphund pup at two weeks - Smokey

  • “Four Paws”

    Finnish Lapphund pup - Four Paws

  • “Tippy”


  • “Girlie”

    finnish lapphund pup - girl

  • “Diamond”

    finnish lapphund pup with eyes open

  • “Ninja”

    eyes open

  • “Trio”


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