Weaning starts

Mucky playful pups

As with other litters, lapphund puppies are so quick to develop that weaning – or the addition of semi solid food starts earlier than many breeds and the pups take to it like proverbial ducks to water!  The Royal Canin weaning mousse is amazing stuff, put a few spoonfuls down and they are at it in no time and licking the plate clean, then progress to soaked Royal Canin with added spoonful of mousse for taste and yippee happy but sticky pups.

All too soon they reject milky/eggy meals as if they are trying to show how grown up they are and the stronger meatier flavours are much more palatable.

In the week they have had their starter course of wormer – funny how its easy to syringe the dose in on day one – but not so easy by day 3!

Check out how much the colours are developing now – the tan marking coming through and becoming paler

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5UinSTX0vw[/embedyt]

Spot Tuuli watching patiently – eager to be called in for clean up duties!

Photos of the cuties below – click on individual shots to see a bigger image  – now all together ahhhhhh

  • “Smokey”

    Finnish Lapphund pup - Smokey

  • “Four Paws”

    Finnish Lapphunds - Four Paws

  • “Tippy”

    Finnish Lapphund Puppy - Tippy

  • “Girlie”

    Finnish Lapphund - Girl

  • “Diamond”

    Finnish Lapphund puppy

  • “Ninja”

    Finnish Lapphund puppy

  • “Trio”Finnish lapphund puppy

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Toni Jackson

Finnish Lapphund breeder and Kennel Club approved judge - author of The Finnish Lapphund Book