Week 5 – a Gazebo for the puppies

Running about

At week five, the pups are really looking like little dogs and they are much more sturdy on their feet now. Their out door run is huge and a gazebo has been erected to give shelter from sun or is it the welsh rain! With a cardboard box or two to sleep in if necessary, or that is the theory, they prefer to climb over them and munch on the edges.

We have now had the first break out from the whelping box, two pups escaping over the low gate which was supposed to keep them in and allow Tuuli unlimited access.

  • “Smokey”

    5 week smokey

  • “Four Paws”

    week 5 Four paws

  • “Tippy”

    week 5 tippy

  • “Girlie”

    girlie 5w

  • “Diamond”

    week 5 diamond

  • “Ninja”


  • “Trio”

    trio 5w

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