Health Checks

All clear

It has been a busy week in the lives of the puppies, first a short trip in the “rumbly bumbly” machine to the local vets for their microchips and health checks.  The Assured Breeders Scheme requires ABS members to have all puppies health checked before leaving home, and so this was combined with their microchipping appointment, and the pups were duly shaken and prodded and vital bits checked with stethoscope and pronounced healthy.  The poor mites then had their microchips inserted. Luckily they used the small format chips so there were only a few screams.

Personally in the past I have postponed chipping till 12 weeks as I think at 6 weeks they are rather small and it is painful for Lapphund puppies, but the British Veterinary Association now mandates the chipping of puppies before litter eye screening tests can be carried out.  Let’s hope this means that the BVA will now start to record these tests along with KC as part of a registered dogs health profile.

The pups then had another trip out the next day, to Brigend, for their litter screening eye test, and whilst a couple started the hour plus journey by “serenading” Angela and I, they soon settled, and only a couple were sick! Angela and I with help from the lovely vet, bundled puppies under our arms and into the surgery we headed. Lots of understandable “oohhhhs & ahhhhhs” greeted us from the people in the waiting room. Then the lights were switched off as each puppy lined up on the table was inspected. The microchips were checked and puppies were declared to have normal eyes! Then we headed back home where the puppies demolished a late lunch.

This week with pups still shell shocked from trip to eye testing we were able to get some “show” poses as well as the head on mug shots.  Think you will agree a very handsome bunch.

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  • “Smokey”

    smokey w6 ssmokey w6

  • “Four Paws”

    4paws 6w s

    4paws 6w

  • “Tippy”

    tippy 6w stippy 6w

  • “Girlie”

    girlie 6ws girlie 6w


  • “Diamond”

    diamond 6ws diamond 6w

  • “Ninja”

    ninja 6w sninja 6w

  • “Trio”

    trio 6ws
    trio 6w

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Finnish Lapphund breeder and Kennel Club approved judge - author of The Finnish Lapphund Book