Poika x Peli’s puppies are here!

Two week old

Well Poika x Peli’s pups are two weeks old and have their eyes open now – and are really starting to move around the whelping box a lot.  The pups are colour coded with nail varnish so we can spot them, though now their colours are beginning to develop its no longer as hard as when they were first born.  One of the amazing things about Finnish Lapphund puppies is how their colours will change as they grow – you never know what you will really get till much bigger!

Peli is loving every minute of being a mum, and is content to lay fully stretched out for feeding – look at this chilled family.

Puppies playing

To see a large picture of the pups click on their mugshots

  • Mr Orange

    First born and the biggest of the gang – he is a tri colour

  • Miss Pink

    A wolf sable bitch – see the markings around eyes and cheeks

  • Miss Beige

    Tricolour bitch – showing the big cheek pattern developing

  • Mr Black

    The second wolf sable pup – slightly darker than his sister

  • Miss Green

    Tricolour bitch with white paws – smallest of the gang

About the Author

Toni Jackson

Finnish Lapphund breeder and Kennel Club approved judge - author of The Finnish Lapphund Book