Five week old baby bears

Personality Plus

A delightful age – the puppies are now becoming proper puppies, with individual personalities, and a keenness to explore and play much much more.  Peli is beginning to step back a little from her maternal duties, seeming to know that with those needle sharp teeth – they are more than capable of munching through their 4 semi solid meals a day.

The weekly nail clipping task is a little harder as the nails are themselves harder and the puppies much more wriggly!

But they are so much fun, playful, and affectionate, lots of cuddles and kisses to be had, and just love the little waggy tails.

A few more photos this week, as they are so photogenic – so pleased with them, first the two boys, then the three girls

  • Mr Orange

  • Mr Black

  • Miss Pink

  • Miss Beige

  • Miss Green

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Toni Jackson

Finnish Lapphund breeder and Kennel Club approved judge - author of The Finnish Lapphund Book