A decade of Crufts

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  • 2020 marks a decade of Crufts classification with Challenge Certificates on offer for Finnish Lapphunds – I thought it would be interesting to review the decade of results and show the notable results achieved by Team Elbereth

    • 2011 – First year with CCs – there were no Elbereths in the ring as I had the honour of judging
    • 2012 – Ch Elbereth Matkamies won the RCC (Pearl Chetwynd)
    • 2013 – Elbereth Marja won the bitch CC and Ch Elbereth Matkamies the RCC (Jeff Horswell)
    • 2014 – Two Class wins (Stuart Mallard)
    • 2015 – Ch Elbereth Matkamies won CC/BOB & Ch Elbereth Kia Joins Bridus won the CC (Sue Dunger)
    • 2016 – Elbereth Pelinainen JW won CC/BOB & Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma to Elbereth the RCC (Elina Haapaniemi)
    • 2017 – Five Class wins (Carol Stuckey)
    • 2018 – Ch Elbereth Pelinainen JW won the CC & Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth the RCC (Lynne Salt)
    • 2019 – Elbereth Lumenlumo won the RCC (Pat Patch)
    • 2020 – Ch Elbereth Tuulenpoika JW won the RCC (Espen Engh)

  • Matka and Kia doing the double at Crufts