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  • Decisions made

    As the final weeks come and go – the pups develop so much. First in size, then in stability and also in personality and confidence. I know some said a lock down litter would suffer from poor socialisation – well not this gang. They are as bold as brass and so friendly – guess being […]

  • Amazing photos

    Before you know it the pups are proper little dogs, more stable on their feet, eating everything you put in front of them, and oh such waggy tails. This week they turned six weeks old and suddenly there were lots of new activities . More visitors and a return of the children, I just love […]

  • Bonus Profile Pictures

    Taking profile shots of baby puppies requires a lot of patience – and compliant puppies – if you get them tired they will be happy to stand – but too tired and they just collapse! So here we are with the extra photos (5.5 weeks) – who is your favourite now? (click on thumbnails to […]

  • Confident gang

    At five weeks the change in the pups is very noticeable, they can move about so much better, they now love being outside and play with each other and the toys. I try and alternate toys, and add new ones and its so interesting how they home in on a new toy and that becomes […]

  • finnish lapphund puppy

    The big wide world

    Well not quite the world, but a new experience – the outdoors! This week saw the pups venture outdoors, first a small pen on our decking, so they were not over whelmed, and a nice bowl of lunch to give them something to reward the experience. Outdoors brings a whole new range of stimuli essential […]

  • Super walk and pups are three weeks old

    Had a super walk – with the social distancing bit, meeting up with Jill and puppy Miska (Elbereth Miskatar) – who me up with both her grandads; Matka & Uka ! Miska is 7 months old now and is a lovely well rounded pup, she was super excited at first to meet the boys and […]

  • Week Two – the move

    It’s amazing how much the pups develop in the second week – their eyes open from about 10 days to 14 days and that means they are suddenly more aware of being picked up and also sounds seem to be noticed more – so they react to voices. Then there is the movement and interaction, […]

  • One Week Old

    The puppies are now one week old and so as traditions dictates – and needs must, it is the weekly weigh-in, nail cutting and photo shoot. The nail cutting is pretty essential for poor Halla, the pups’ nails grow so quickly and they are very pointed, and given that when puppies are feeding they pummel […]

  • The weather girls & boys

    At the end of May amidst the COVID19 social distancing we welcome the arrivals of the “Weather litter” (I have never before had a themed litter, but with a father called Breeze and a mum called Frost – it has to be done!) This has been a litter which has been a long time in […]

  • Matkamies

    Crufts 2020

    What a super day at Crufts, under Espen Engh, its lovely going with no expectations and then getting some super results, especially when the next generation start to make their mark!  First up was the “old man” Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies ShCM, he is the breed record holder – and has held that title since […]