Elbereth Lempi


  • (Elbereth Runo in Bernavia x Fin & Belg Ch Lumitupa Pigga at Elbereth)

    25th March 2004 to 24th May 2018

    Lempi means love in Finnish

    renamed Karhu by her owners Andrew and Claire, she displayed that fabulous temperament that we know and love from a Finnish Lapphund, Andrew says even the family members who were not dog friendly were won over by Karhu’s charms.   A regular visitor to Wimbledon common, she was an active girl and was joined 11 years ago by the handsome Kulta.  Sadly a few weeks ago – that tell tale sign of a lapphund missing a meal or two, gave Andrew and Claire the heads up that something was amiss, and started to miss walks too. A trip to the vets sadly showed that she had developed cancer, and there was nothing to be done.  Andrew and Claire took her home for one last evening together, so they could say goodbye properly to a very very special friend of 14 years.

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