Elbereth Taivas


  • (Elbereth Nalle at Hildrek x Elbereth Satu)

    Born 30th March 2005

    Taivas means heaven in Finnish and she lives with Karen & Clive – and is one of the most patient and clever lapphunds you could meet.  Karen is a passionate photographer – and Taivas one of her patient and very photogenic models.  It would be so easy to fill this site with stunning pictures of Taivas but I have limited it to a few – you can see more of Taivas and Tasku on Karen’s photography pages

    Taivas also has a super repertoire of tricks, including pressing the bell and shutting kitchen cupboards

  • Health results

    • Eye Scheme Unaffected 10.5 years of age


    Picture Story of Taivas by Karen

    don't stop

    all the world's a stage