Elbereth Ainokainen ShCM


  • (Elbereth Sankari at Auberic x Lumiturpa Onneli at Elbereth)

    DoB 03/03/2009

    Our lovely Onneli from the Lumiturpa kennel in Finland was mated with Elbereth Sankari at Auberic, producing one very special puppy – Ainokainen (the only one) aka Chocolate Button.  Aino was a truly special puppy – as she was born by C section – and Onneli had to be neutered at the same time.

    Destined to live with Karen and family and co – owned and shown by Chris, Aino has been a very successful show dog, gaining her Sh CM.

    Despite being fully health tested, she was never bred from, the timing just was never right.

  • Health results

    • GSD (ll) Clear
    • Hip Dysplasia Scheme 10/9 = 19
    • Eye Scheme Unaffected 10/11/2014


    Noteable Show Awards

    • RCC winner WKC 2013
    • ShCM