(Multi Ch Cantavia Liekinloimu  x Ch Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma to Elbereth JW ShCM)

DoB 30/05/2020

Kuura, was originally named Flash for her striking colouring from birth, I was delighted to see a bright tri bitch puppy and she held my eye for a long time, as I did have a yearning for a tricolour.  She joins Neil & Wendy and their Keeshond, Penny.  Neil previously being co-owner of Zuni a truly long living lapphund, and Neil is looking forward to a long and happy retirement with his “special retirement present”.  With the litter having a weather theme, delighted in Neil’s choice of Aamukuura – morning frost.

Fingers crossed we will be seeing more of Kuura at Malvern shows in 2021