Its is generally believed that when breeding you should use the best stud dog available for your bitch (to me that means hours of studying dogs, their pedigrees, their progeny and their siblings, and certainly not just using the dogs closest to home). I have been extremely fortunate that I have been able to access some of the top producing sires from Finland to enhance my breeding programme, Matkamies for example is the third generation where Elbereth bitches have been mated to amazing sires from Finland, it is a formula that certainly works.

Much is said about popular sire syndrome and yes some of the dogs I have used have gone onto be very poplar sires for breeders around the world, but the facts speak for themselves, that in each case, I was one of the first breeders outside their home country to use them, and see their value.

We are grateful to the owners of the following dogs for allowing us to use these fabulous boys:

and the Elbereth boys