A little bit about us – I have always loved dogs, and my family has always had dogs, our first ‘pedigree’ dog was the Pyrenean Mtn Dog, Valcarlos Itsy Bitsy, who joined us in the late 60’s when I was about 7 years old. She was our first ‘show dog’ and we were fortunate to have success with her. As I grew older I wanted a dog of my own, and it was decided that PMDs were not really suitable as a first pet for a teenage girl, so I persuaded my parents to buy me Solo, (my first BC), and I enjoyed many happy years training her in obedience.

In 1984 Stuart and I married, and Blot (Pyrenean) and Solo lived with us, to be joined in 1987 by Jocund Fay, my first ‘show collie’, Fly was dual registered and predominantly Tilehouse breeding. In 1989 Romellva Soda Water at Elbereth joined us, a lovely girl who helped me learn about sheep work. From Soda I established a successful border collie line, including a UK champion, Finnish champions, and the only dual registered border collie to become an International champion.

In 1990 I first came across the Finnish Lapphund, and was smitten my the sheer beauty and strength of the breed, maybe it was because it had the power and substance of the PMD, without the size, but the brain of the BC, and Echo joined us in 1992. This was the start of a great love affair, a bitch who gave me everything; friendship, show success, fun in the agility ring, and three litters of beautiful pups. Echo has truly founded a dynasty, as many have said, she was a fabulous ambassador for the breed, and was instrumental in putting the breed very much on the map in the UK.

Sadly now we don’t have any border collies, but share our lives and home with the lapphunds. Our son Phillip is very involved with the dogs and insisted we keep a male from a litter in 2009, and Matkamies became Phillip’s dog.

I am indebted to my Finnish friends who have helped me learn about the breed and have been kind enough to let me have some super dogs to add to my breeding program.

I do not breed many litters, believing quality not quantity, and preferring to only breed litters when I or close friends want a pup, so I often have waiting lists for my babies. The quality of the homes is important to me, and if necessary I will carry out a home inspection, just to assure myself that the home is right. I am indebted to those owners who keep in touch with me, and send photos or visit with their dogs, this web site is dedicated to all Elbereth dogs.

I don’t apologise for the success I have in the show ring, I have worked hard with all my breeds to breed to type whilst at the same time monitoring health and temperament. It is possible to aspire to be the best and not forsake health, it’s just hard work, and takes many years research, if you love a breed don’t you have a responsibility to breed it true to the country of origin – not compromise.