(Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies ShCM x Fin Ch Tilkkuturkin Bunahilkka)

Dob 4/11/2014

Halla was bred by Eija & Markku Jokinen in Finland – bred following Matka’s eventful short break from Finland, and we were able to choose the beautiful Halla to join her dad back in the UK.

Hallantuoma means when the frosts come – a delightful name – given her colouring and grey frosty tips to her coat – and the fact she joined us in the winter of 2015.

Our blond bombshell is a delight to live with, and am sure a lot of credit goes to her parents and breeder but also our good friend Nina Lahin who fostered Halla from 8 to 16 weeks until she was able to travel under the Pet Passport scheme. Halla is a perfect show girl – being very outgoing and cheeky.

Halla has certainly made a big impact in the show ring, being Top puppy in 2015, then becoming the youngest lapphund to be awarded a Junior Warrant at only 11 months of age (under the scheme in operation at the time). She won 4 res CCs for from puppy and one at Crufts as a junior. Took the CC at Southern Cos, 2016 from post graduate under Johan Juslin, and then the CC and BOB at just two years of age under Celia Vines, then her crowning CC was awarded by Jeff Horswell at SKC when she returned to the ring after her junior moult, taking BOB over her sire. She also won the RCC under Markku Mahonen and her 4th CC at Windsor under Irene Green.

Not often seen in the ring as half sister Pelinainen gets all the glory, but makes her mark when she does get out to the ring.

Halla’s Offspring