Please realise that we like to get to know you so you will not be able to phone and ‘buy a puppy off the shelf’ but you will be welcome to visit and meet us all but this is as it should be – a careful decision, wisely made taking into account all the pros and cons of having a dog share your life.

As someone who has had dogs all her life – I know how much joy a puppy can bring and hope that by careful planning I can help you share your lives with my puppies.  But only once I have got to know you.

I do not breed puppies commercially  – but as a pleasure, with a dedication to the health and well being of my breeds.   I do not breed any specific colours – or fashions, my aims are to breed healthy happy examples of Finnish Lapphunds (I no longer breed border collies) who conform to the breed standard.  The facts that I have had success in the show ring for conformation, obedience and agility is a bonus, and I am happy to support any new owners in what ever hobby they choose to adopt with their dog, but I do not insist you follow one of these hobbies – only that you attend puppy training classes so your puppy can develop into  sensible and well behaved pet.

Because my dogs deserve a happy and normal life integrated with my family – it means I cannot keep all the puppies we breed – we do not subscribe to the ethos keep the best and sell the rest, nor do I see the need to tie up my new puppy buyers in complex contracts – where they are required to let me breed puppies from their beloved pets.  I am thrilled to see the pups I have bred being much loved family pets in their new homes, but a number have joined the show scene for the social side – and have enjoyed significant success.

Elbereth puppies have been the start of something exciting for the following breeders: Glenchess, Bernavia, Hildrek, Oberitz, TabanyaRuu, Lakelaps, Pavoskas, Infindigo, Arianrhod, Ypreau, Lappvikens, Bridus, either as their first or second lapphund, and starting their breeding programs.

Key accolades won by Elbereth dogs

  • All puppies are reared in the house (my dogs are house pets not kennel dogs) – and this ensures that they are well socialised and lively fun puppies.

  • They are left with the bitch as long as she wants them – and then weaned onto a variety of foods including top quality complete food, (puppies are supplied with ample food when they leave home)

  • They are given noise stimuli in the form of a CD of sounds to learn to accept firework, cars, thunder etc. As house dogs they soon get used to noise of normal family life (if you can call my life normal!)

  • As far as the weather permits they are given regular access from 4 weeks of age to the garden to try and encourage them to learn to be clean in the house, in my experience most of the pups leaving here have in principle the idea of being housetrained, you just need to keep it going.

  • They are wormed with Panacur regularly before leaving home.

  • They are groomed regularly and their nails clipped so these are accepted practices for when they move to their new families.

  • They have car rides and plenty of visitors

I do not take deposits for my puppies – this way there is no formal commitment on both sides, I do not want my puppy owners to feel forced into taking a puppy, nor I to sell, if we cannot trust each other then I don’t want to let one of my precious puppies go to live with you, simple as that.  Though I am more than happy to put interested family’s names on my waiting list once I have met you and liked you.

All my puppies are sold subject to a satisfactory home visit – coming here to look at the litter does NOT guarantee a purchase.

All puppies are sold with a puppy contract:

  • The puppies will be registered with the Kennel Club

  • The puppies parents will be eye tested and hip scored

  • Where possible the puppies will be eye tested before leaving home

  • The Lapphund parents will have been tested for their DNA status in respect of the prcd-1 PRA gene and all bitches bred from will be Pompe tested.

  • The Kennel Club papers will be endorsed puppy not for export and progeny not for registration – this protects my pups from unscrupulous people who may wish to export to unsuitable homes or breed from these dogs irresponsibly.  In my contracts I add a note that should the dog be of good quality (my decision) and hip and eye tested etc satisfactory then I may lift the endorsement for breeding.

  • I rarely export my pups as I cannot check out their new homes!

  • Puppies will be insured

  • Puppies will leave me with a very comprehensive booklet of information (I like it to a Haynes Manual!)

  • I do not sell puppies as potential show winning stock – they are all pets to be loved – I am happy to help advise on your hobby and help you choose a pup which may suit your hobby – but puppies are not widgits and there is no guarantee that a promising puppy will turn into the show winner of the future.

  • We are Kennel Club Accredited Breeders (with the accolade of excellence)

So you want a puppy

  • Well first you must make sure you have seen the breed in the flesh – for the Lapphunds this maybe difficult as they are still quite rare in Uk – but if you give me your address I am sure I can suggest a way for you to meet the breed.  You are most welcome to visit us here in Surrey – I would rather you decide now that the breed is not suitable for your family than buy a cute puppy and then decide its not suitable after 6 months.

  • If you want to be considered for our waiting list – please contact us – giving information about yourself/lifestyle/experience and what attracts you to the breed, one liner emails don’t tend to excite me as genuine enquiries!
  • Agree to meeting us here in Surrey and not minding the personal questions about your lifestyle, and get to know the dogs

  • Agree to a home inspection

  • Check out the Southern Finnish Lapphund Society for more general information on the Finnish Lapphund and some opportunities to meet the dogs.

Then just wait patiently until the puppy is born