(Multi Ch Cantavia Liekinloimu x Ch Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma to Elbereth JW ShCM)

DoB 30/05/2020

Our chunky black Velvet pup, who is oh so bright – at 4 weeks old she was asking to go outside to toilet and I thought that’s one to watch. Being the darkest pup in the litter she stood out – and as she has a huge coat it made her look the heaviest – though she wasn’t really. Hannah & Kristian had waited a long time for a pup and so was delighted when Velvet aka Sumu headed off to join them and daughter Marcy, the two youngsters now becoming partners in trouble.

Sumu is a perfect example of how this breed is amazing in the colour changes from pup to adult – see how her tan patches and eye brows have developed.