Project Description

(Taapanterin Hulivili x Fin Ch Lumiturpa Oikku)

19/2/2005 – 21/3/2017

When the opportunity came to buy Onneli from the Lumiturpa kennels I jumped at the chance – a gorgeous wolf sable bitch from a stunning brown wolf sable sire to a bitch I had always loved.  Plus as a proven bitch I had all sorts of plans for her to be mated to the lovely Elbereth Boys I had bred.

She was duly mated with Elbereth Sankari at Auberic, and scanned in whelp – but only one puppy.  So when her due date came and there was no sign of labour I took her in for a C section.  The Caesarian was not easy and sadly Onneli had to be neutered at the same time, so her one healthy bonny puppy was to be the only Onneli daughter here in UK, introduce the chocolate button, aka Ainokainen.

Onneli like Pigga had a really soft and easy nature, but was too lazy to be a show dog and just wanted to take life easy – so once she was recovered from her surgery the opportunity arose for her to join the lovely O’Connell family and Tassu, where she could be the princess.

I will never forget the horror in Heather’s voice when she phoned me one day to let me know that Princess Onneli was actually a “bunny killer” having caught and devoured a bunny on an early walk on the golf course!

Onneli has been a special girl in many ways and her and Tassu gave me the opportunity to know one of the truly most beautiful people I have ever known, Heather