(Orso-Farm Rakuuna x Shacal Ökkötökö)

21/08/2009 – 2/11/2020

Tullu is our beautiful wolfie that came to us from Saara at Shacal. It was only supposed to be a short term visit – but her beautiful character just won us over – and we managed to persuade Saara to let her stay in the UK. She has not been extensively shown in UK as she did take time out to have a super litter to Matkamies – producing Ch Elbereth Pelinainen JW, and then a pollen allergy meant she was out of coat for a while.

In 2017 Tullu gave everyone a huge scare – collapsing from a closed pyometra – which ended up in an emergency hysterotomy – but then she developed sepsis and spent 10 days in the Royal Vet College hospital. It was definitely touch and go, but she finally pulled round and came home, impersonating a clipped poodle as so much of her had to be shaved to get easy access to veins for the canula during her treatment. Testament to her amazing nature – she has never complained or been difficult at the vets, though she is terrified when visiting. She is a sweet natured dog – who loves all the puppies.

In summer 2020 she started to show signs of breathing issues, so symptoms were treated, but things gradually became worse and sadly at the end of October she went downhill very quickly and it was obvious she was in a lot of discomfort, so she was given peace, the dreaded cancer taking our beautiful wolfie from us.