In the UK, there are no regulations laid down by the English Kennel Club regarding health tests for any breed, except for members of the Assured Breeder Scheme, of which I am a member, with all accolades – including special Accolade of Excellence, therefore breeders who are not members are able to breed from dogs which have not had the relevant health tests carried out, or those which have poor health test results. On a personal level I believe in ensuring that wherever possible I check for defects before breeding, and below I have detailed the health test results from dogs bred or owned at Elbereth.

I am often asked how long do lapphund live for and the stock answer is 12-14 – and interestingly analysing some 39 Elbereth dogs below where exact age of death is known – the average is 13.3 years (oldest reaching 17).

The Kennel Club now provide an online search facility where you can find health test results though for eye tests they only show if a dog is clear for PRA – results for cataracts and MRD are not shown

  • Hip Displasia – the Uk scoring system works by measuring a number of key angles around the hips socket, and giving points, the maximum possible for any breed is 53 on each hip – i.e. a total score of 106. Different breeds have different averages, and the BVA advises breeding from dogs with scores around or below the breed average. (for latest averages check out )
  • Eye schemes – in UK the KC and BVA now recognises the condition PRA in Finnish Lapphund and the results from Jan 04 are published in the Breed Record supplement under the same scheme as above. However whilst hereditary cataracts are accepted to exist in the breed in Finland the incidence has been too low to date in UK for the BVA to include testing for this condition in the above scheme.

For Finnish Lapphunds there is now a DNA Test for PRCD-1 and Pompe (All the Lapphunds used in breeding have been tested , results of Elbereth bred/owned dogs are shown below on this web page)

Other PRA results can be found on the Finnish Lapphund Club of Finland

Date of Birth Name Studbook No Colour Additional Information not recorded by Kennel Club
female 25/03/2004 Elbereth Aamu Tricolour
male 31/05/2012 Elbereth Aihetta Juhlaan Wolf Sable Testicles normal – neutered as adult
female 03/03/2009 Elbereth Ainokainen 2830CY Brown Tricolour pompe tested normal – neutered as adult
epilepsy at 9 years of age – on medication
female 28/08/2005 Elbereth Apina At Pavoskas 2947CW Tricolour pompe tested normal – neutered as adult, proven brood
Died 12/7/19 – nearly 14 years old
female 26/04/2000 Elbereth Enkeli Tricolour proven brood – died 14/5/2015 aged nearly 15 years
female 30/03/2005 Elbereth Haave Tricolour died 28/7/18 aged 13 years
female 09/03/1998 Elbereth Halti Tricolour died 26/6/2015 – aged 17 years
male 04/02/1996 Elbereth Hassu Of Shirdees Tricolour proven stud – deceased
female 02/08/2013 Elbereth Helmi Wolf SableC Closed angle glaucoma (one eye removed)
female 08/05/2009 Elbereth Hile Of Morval Tricolour
female 31/05/2012 Elbereth Hunajakarhu Wolf Sable Testicles normal
female 09/03/1998 Elbereth Hupi Tricolour deceased
female 25/03/2004 Elbereth Huurrehuntu Wolf Sable Prcd-1 carrier Pompe normal DM Clear
female 25/03/2004 Elbereth Huvi For Arianrhod Tricolour proven brood died 15 years
female 28/08/2005 Elbereth Ilo At Starlapps Tricolour pompe tested normal – neutered as adult, proven brood died 30/7/18 aged 13 – kidney failure
female 12/03/2008 Elbereth Impi Ikilempi Tricolour
male 29/10/2006 Elbereth Jalo At Arktinen Tricolour Testicles normal – neutered as adult died 14 years
male 20/03/2003 Elbereth Jarkko Tricolour Testicles normal – deceased aged 16.5
female 31/05/2012 Elbereth Kaikki Meille Allforus Wolf Sable pompe tested normal – proven brood
female 04/02/1996 Elbereth Kaiku Tricolour proven brood – deceased
female 12/08/2007 Elbereth Kaisa At Arktinen 1637CW Tricolour pompe tested normal – proven brood
male 31/05/2012 Elbereth Keijo Wolf Sable Testicles normal
male 28/08/2005 Elbereth Kelo Wolf Sable Tan & White Testicles normal – died aged 16 years
male 24/04/2006 Elbereth Keskiyo For Infindigo Tricolour Testicles normal -proven stud – neutered as adult
Thyroid deficiency
female 05/03/2009 Elbereth Kia Joins Bridus 1127CW Tricolour Cataracts (glaucoma arising from cataracts) – neutered as adult – died aged 12
female 21/01/2014 Elbereth Kiasma At Morval Wolf Sable pompe normal – proven brood
DM hereditary clear
female 10/04/2011 Elbereth Kiitos Tricolour neutered
male 06/10/2003 Elbereth Kimmi Tricolour Testicles normal -proven stud – neutered as adult – died nearly 14 years
male 12/03/2008 Elbereth Kippis To Pavoskas 1635CW Tricolour Testicles normal -proven stud – neutered as adult
male 20/03/2003 Elbereth Kiva Tricolour Testicles normal
female 05/03/2009 Elbereth Kukka At Cochochr Wolf Sable Died of pancreatitis aged 2
female 25/03/2004 Elbereth Kulta Tricolour
female 29/10/2006 Elbereth Kuutamo D’ Ypreau Wolf Sable proven brood died nearly 14
female 24/04/2006 Elbereth Kyky Wolf Sable proven brood – thyroid deficiency as veteran (managed with medication) – died aged 15
male 12/08/2007 Elbereth Lapinkulta Tricolour only one testicle/neutered – died aged 15 years
female 21/01/2014 Elbereth Lapintaika Wolf Sable pompe normal
DM hereditary clear
thyroid deficiency at 5 years of age (managed with medication)
female 12/09/2011 Elbereth Leena At Cannyyatton Brown Tan & White pompe normal – proven brood
male 26/04/2000 Elbereth Leijona Tricolour Testicles normal – deceased
female 25/03/2004 Elbereth Lempi Tricolour
female 31/05/2012 Elbereth Liekki Tricolour
female 09/03/1998 Elbereth Lumi Cream deceased aged 14
female 17/01/2018 Elbereth Lumenlumo 3954DE Cream Pompe hereditary clear
PRA Clear
Hips 5/5 scored under Australian National scheme
male 10/04/2011 Elbereth Lumikko Tricolour
male 21/01/2014 Elbereth Lumipyry Cream pompe normal – Testicles normal
DM hereditary clear
female 26/04/2000 Elbereth Lusa Tricolour deceased aged 14
male 02/08/2013 Elbereth Maanantain Otso Tricolour Cataracts
male 12/08/2007 Elbereth Mahtava Tricolour only one testicle/neutered – died nearly 15 years of age
male 24/04/2006 Elbereth Manu Tricolour only one testicle/neutered
mild epilepsy – controlled by medication died 14 years
female 29/10/2006 Elbereth Marja 1638CW Tricolour neutered
male 05/03/2009 Elbereth Matkamies 0600CW Wolf Sable Two normal testicles, proven stud, all puppies with normal testicles and bite, DNA profiled.
Two puppies to E Tiia with cataracts, two with glaucoma
DM clear
Thyroid deficiency at 10 years old(managed with medication)
male 02/08/2013 Elbereth Matti Tricolour Testicles normal, Closed angle glaucoma (one eye removed) & Uveitis
male 10/04/2011 Elbereth Maunu At Bludayle Tricolour Testicles normal – deceased (owners decision)
female 21/01/2014 Elbereth Merihelmi Tricolour neutered
DM hereditary clear
female 24/04/2006 Elbereth Mikko 0599CW Tricolour Testicles normal – proven stud – deceased aged 10 (heart disease)
male 31/05/2012 Elbereth Miskakarhu 4540CY Tricolour Testicles normal
neutered as adult
male 12/09/2011 Elbereth Myrsky Tricolour Testicles normal
female 12/09/2011 Elbereth Myssy Joins Bridus Tricolour pompe normal – proven brood
female 26/04/2000 Elbereth Nalle At Hildrek Tricolour Testicles normal – proven stud – deceased
female 04/02/1996 Elbereth Natti Tricolour deceased – died 14 years
male 10/04/2011 Elbereth Nicotiemus Tricolour Testicles normal – neutered as adult
male 24/04/2006 Elbereth Niko Tricolour Testicles normal – deceased 4/1/19 aged 12.75 cancer
female 26/04/2000 Elbereth Noki With Oberitz Tricolour Proven brood – died 11 years
male 28/08/2005 Elbereth Norppa Wolf Sable Tan & White Testicles normal – neutered as adult, died 3/11/2018 aged 13 – kidney failure
female 25/03/2004 Elbereth Onnekas For Infindigo Tricolour Proven brood – deceased aged 11.5
male 10/04/2011 Elbereth Onni Tricolour Testicles normal pompe normal, proven stud (neutered)
male 20/03/2003 Elbereth Oskari Tricolour Died in Road traffic accident
male 20/03/2003 Elbereth Osmo Tricolour Testicles normal – proven stud – affected by Cushings – deceased aged 11
male 06/10/2003 Elbereth Otso Tricolour Cataracts – died 12 years
male 04/02/1996 Elbereth Peikko Of Glenchess Tricolour Testicles normal – proven stud – deceased
female 21/01/2014 Elbereth Pelinainen 0655DA Wolf Sable Pompe normal DM hereditary clear
proven brood
female 12/08/2007 Elbereth Penikka 1128CW Tricolour pompe normal – proven brood – neutered – died 13 years
female 02/08/2013 Elbereth Pikkuinen Tricolour pompe normal – neutered
male 20/03/2003 Elbereth Pilkku Tricolour Testicles normal – deceased aged 12
male 04/02/1996 Elbereth Puuska Tricolour Testicles normal – deceased
male 12/08/2007 Elbereth Riku Black & White Testicles normal – died 13 years
female 25/03/2004 Elbereth Roosa Bear Brown Tan & White Died 15 years
male 09/03/1998 Elbereth Runo In Bernavia Tricolour Proven sire – deceased
male 06/10/2003 Elbereth Sankari At Auberic Bear Brown Tan & White Testicles normal – proven sire – neutered as adult – died 15 years
female 20/03/2003 Elbereth Satu Tricolour Proven brood – died 14 years
male 12/08/2007 Elbereth Seppo Tricolour Testicles normal – deceased
female 29/10/2006 Elbereth Sohvi Tricolour died few months off 14
female 28/08/2005 Elbereth Susi Tricolour deceased aged 14
female 24/04/2006 Elbereth Suvi At Cochochr Tricolour Cataracts
Diabetes as veteran – died 14 years
female 31/05/2012 Elbereth Suvituuli 1158CZ Tricolour proven brood
female 26/04/2000 Elbereth Taika Tricolour Died nearly 17
female 30/03/2005 Elbereth Taivas Tricolour Died 16 years of age
male 12/09/2011 Elbereth Tarmo 4725CX Tricolour Testicles normal – proven stud
female 06/10/2003 Elbereth Taru At Pavoskas Tricolour Proven brood – died 14 years
female 12/09/2011 Elbereth Taskuvaras Brown Tan & White MRD
male 08/05/2009 Elbereth Teemu Tricolour only one testicle/neutered
female 08/05/2009 Elbereth Tiia Tricolour Proven brood
female 26/04/2000 Elbereth Toive Tricolour Proven brood – died aged 15
male 21/01/2014 Elbereth Torsti Wolf Sable Testicles normal – pompe normal
DM hereditary clear
male 30/03/2005 Elbereth Tosi Tricolour Testicles normal – Died aged 12
male 29/10/2006 Elbereth Tuikku Tricolour only one testicle/neutered
male 01/07/2017 Elbereth Tuulenpoika 2250DE Tricolour proven stud
PRCD-1 Carrier Pompe normal
male 12/09/2011 Elbereth Tulin Kaukaa For Limishka Tricolour Testicles normal
male 26/04/2000 Elbereth Tuukka Of Tabanyaruu Tricolour Testicles normal – proven stud – deceased aged 11
female 28/08/2005 Elbereth Tuula Wolf Sable deceased aged 10 (kidney failure)
female 04/02/1996 Elbereth Tuuli Of Kamashell Tricolour Deceased
male 12/09/2011 Elbereth Tuuri Tricolour Testicles normal
female 12/03/2008 Elbereth Tyyne Tricolour Died at 7 weeks in tragic accident – choked on grass
male 06/10/2003 Elbereth Ukko Tricolour Testicles normal – died aged 16
female 12/08/2007 Elbereth Unikko At Lappviken Tricolour Proven brood
male 05/03/2009 Elbereth Usko Tricolour Testicles normal
male 02/08/2013 Elbereth Valkotassu Tricolour Cataracts
male 25/03/2004 Elbereth Veli Tricolour only one testicle/neutered deceased 9/10/18
male 30/03/2005 Elbereth Viekas Tricolour only one testicle/neutered PRA affected – obedience winner died aged 14
male 12/02/2015 Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth Tricolour Testicles normal – DNA profiled
DM carrier
All male puppies have fully descended testicles to date
One offspring identified with Addisons disease
female 21/08/2009 Shacal Reilu Peli Wolf sable Pompe/PRCD normal Proven brood
DM clear – died aged 11
female 04/11/2014 Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma to Elbereth Wolf sable Pompe normal
DM hereditary clear
prcd-1 carrier