Puppy Plans

Buying a puppy is not like buying a “widget” off the shelf – bitches certainly don’t come in season just to suit those long summer holidays, and invariably in my experience Finnish Lapphunds are more like “wild dogs” having less frequent or regular seasons/heats, so it’s not always easy to make long term plans for litters!

Plus I don’t breed very often – one litter a year generally – quality not quantity

Our litters are generally promised long before they are born, for example, our last litter born May 23 were all reserved before they were born, and I have a waiting list for litters planned late 2024. I estimate that it will be 8-12 months wait for Elbereth puppies. When selecting our families we do look to those who are patient and want to get to know us and the dogs or are known to the lapphund community, then we know how committed you are and that you are well prepared for your new arrival.

Please read our puppy promise

If you would like to be considered for one of our puppies please drop us a line with some information about yourselves and your interest in this fabulous breed.

One liner messages simply asking do you have puppies/litters available now rarely impress and highlight those who have not taken time to read this page.