(Int Ch Osky des Chevaloupsgreg x Int Ch Elbereth Toive)

6th October 2003 to 31st August 2017

Taru is Finnish for Legend, and Taru was definitely a legend in her own lifetime, born the only bitch in the litter of five she ruled the roost and as an adult definitely mastered the art of getting what she wanted.  Like her dam she was extremely bright – possibly too bright for her own good and used what ever she needed to access food secreted away by silly humans; the fridge, cupboards, bins etc were no challenge to Taru!

Such was her lively, bright personality she had more nicknames that any dog I know – from Devil dog to Ruly Bug and many between, a larger than life character who is deeply missed – and what to do with all the child proof locks on the cupboards and fridge!

Taru & Litter Mates

Taru’s Offspring