(Ch Elbereth Tuulenpoika JW x Multi Ch Ahulin Supina FiW21 HeW21)

DOB 8/5/2023

The first three pups born in the litter were the three boys, so was delighted that there were two girls bringing up the rear!  Both were darker than the boys, and I  changed my mind daily on who was staying (plus was hard to look past the gorgeous boys).  Uni was the slightly bigger of the two girls, matching the boys on the weekly weigh ins she was also the naughtier of the two!  I guess I should have realised, when calling her Destiny in the Coronation theme litter, she was destined to stay!  (Stone of Destiny is the stone under the Throne on which the King was crowned).

She is one of the naughtiest pups we have kept, she is a destroyer, the garden has definitely suffered at her paws (teeth), she is a very accurate alarm clock, and doesn’t think anyone should get a lie in!  But she has followed Huntu’s lead, having a lovey recall and being great with all the dogs she meets in the park.

Her show career has started well, even if she is often over exuberant on the move.

Uni & Litter Mates