(Ch Elbereth Tuulenpoika JW x Multi Ch Ahulin Supina FiW21 HeW21)

DOB 8/5/2023

The first three pups born in the litter were the three boys, so was delighted that there were two girls bringing up the rear!  Both were darker than the boys, and I  changed my mind daily on who was staying (plus was hard to look past the gorgeous boys).

Lisää was the smaller of the girls, with lovely little ears like her mum and a very sweet nature, not quite as cheeky as her sister, and when Pia said could she have a puppy that was pretty, smaller and quiet, I could hardly refuse her the option to have Lisää.

Pia & Ian had previously owned Jalo & Kaisa, so Lisää had big paw prints to follow, but she quickly won her own space in Pia’s heart and is such a delight, getting on well with the other dogs, Dusty & Maggie.

Her show career has started well, taking two BOS puppy awards including Crufts.

Lisää & Litter Mates