Project Description

(Elbereth Nalle at Hildrek x Elbereth Satu)

Born 30th March 2005

Viekas means Clever in Finnish, aptly named as he joined Loryn and had a very successful obedience career, his pet name is the super original “Bisto”.

Bisto is the first UK FL to win an open ” A” obedience class, having been the first to win out of Novice,  followed by winning three “A” classes.  Sadly Bisto was born from a mating that took place before we had a DNA test for Prcd-1 PRA, and though it was generally thought this was a low risk mating – in hindsight we found that Nalle and Satu were both PRA carriers and sadly Bisto was affected,  Loryn decided to retire Bisto from obedience as she did not want to put pressure on him in the send away being unable to gauge how much vision he had.  So he is now enjoying retirement.

Litter Mates