Its been a long while since I added any news – two reasons:  1. there were issues with the old styling on my website – so seemed pointless to update until I had fixed that and 2.  What news – Covid has put paid to any activity, other than dog walks and so there seemed little to add.  Managed to get a lovely walk in with Joy Middleton who took some great photos of the dogs – so a few of those are shared below.  Baby Huntu is now nearly 9 months and has never seen a ring craft class let alone a show – so will be fun to get her in the show ring – one day.

Enquiries for puppies are coming in at a fast pace – apologies if I don’t get straight back to you – but there are quite a few each week!  Yes we do have puppies planned for later this summer, but at the moment it is impossible to meet new puppy families, so patience is required and then  guess once we get to mid April – I can start contacting people to meet up.  At present looks like earliest we might get back to dog shows in some format is June – everything crossed – Poika and Peli’s pups will be out of Junior even and have never been to a show – so sad as such a gorgeous bunch.