I do sympathise with Scottish Exhibitors who have to drive south for Most of the UK shows, though spending 7 hours in a car with only dogs to talk to and a bit of car karaoke to keep you amused is kind of therapeutic.  But have to say it was well worth the 850 mile round trip to the SKC show.

Sadly Peli and Tuuli could not go, so I took Matka, Halla and Sam & Ro Moore’s puppy, Martha (Morval Salainen Haave) under Top UK All rounder, Jeff Horswell. Best of Breed,  winning that all important 3rd CC was Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma to Elbereth JW ShCM which means subject to KC confirmation she adds Champion to her list of titles.  Matkamies was Best Dog winning his 22nd challenge certificate, and he was also best veteran in breed.  Martha was best puppy in breed, so a clean sweep as they say.

The dogs were brilliant and traveled together so well, and thinking of writing a book on hotels I have visited.

When we returned home I was lucky Pia was happy to do a photo shoot at capture Halla in all her glory.