(Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi x Fin/Belg Ch Lumiturpa Pigga at Elbereth)

28/8/2005 to 12/7/19

Apina has gone to live with Taru, and other furry friends at Pavoskas with The Cooper family, Apina means monkey in Finnish – named as she was a monkey as a baby puppy – but grew up to be a sensible girl.

A very strikingly marked bitch who has had a long and successful show career, she was Top Winning Bitch 2007/2008 and represented the breed at the Contest of Champions.   A res CC winner, and dam of two litters under Pavoskas affix.

A lovely natured bitch who is very calm and laid back like her sire and dam, and has inherited the lazy Pigga walk!

Apina sadly died just short of her 14th birthday, not long after a lovely day in the show ring at Windsor where there was no suggestion she was ill at all.  She was diagnosed with liver cancer and kidney failure and given sleep to prevent suffering

Litter Mates