(Fin/Int Ch Lecibsin Hapmi x Fin/Belg Ch Lumiturpa Pigga at Elbereth)

28/8/2005 to 3/11/2018

The first wolf sable born here at Elbereth – a lovely silver puppy aptly named as Norppa means ringed seal in Finnish, who went off to live with Annemarie and Andrie and was latterly joined by Elbereth Taika.  A boy who I had a very special relationship with, such a sweetheart and because of our close proximity one I saw regularly.  I was also very lucky that Annemarie and Andrie let me steal him regularly in his youth for shows.  Sadly his hip score meant he was not destined to be a sire – plus he was related to many bitches through his handsome sire, but I will never forget him winning BOB at Crufts.

Retired from show ring to concentrate of being spoiled at home – he was a regular visitor to the river Thames walk where he loved to disappear to the Cricket Pitch if Andrie and I did not keep eye on him!

I so fondly remember him rushing to see me when I called “Norppy Noo Noos” in our park.  A true gentleman, who was a delight to Andrie & Annemarie, and who was never ill.  Sadly a few months after his 13th Birthday he was taken very poorly very suddenly and rushed to the vets where he was diagnosed with kidney failure.  After a short stay in critical care at the vets it was apparent that poor Norppa was not going to recover, so that sad decision had to be made, I am truly grateful to Andrie and Annemarie for giving me the opportunity to say one last farewell to this special boy.


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