Project Description

(Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi x Int Ch Elbereth Toive)

24/4/2006  to 27/8/21

Kyky – a beautiful wolf sable daughter, like her sire in colour – but so like her dam in temperament.  She was destined to live with Ann & Goff joining the gentle, Pilkku.

Kyky only had the one litter, and what a special once in a life time litter it would prove to be, the story has been told many times, a beautiful litter of four – including the breed’s first two UK Champions

Sadly at 15 years of age, Kyky’ body started to fail her, she was still food motivated, but found it hard to get about and lost a lot of weight.  When she started to have trouble standing the time was right to say good bye, she is buried in the garden reunited with Pilkku, as Goff said, a lovely girl with a great temperament, never a moments trouble.

Kyky & Litter Mates

Kyky’s Offspring