The youngest member of the team, has sadly missed her whole puppy career but as a Junior she has certainly made a mark. Winning Junior bitch and Best Junior at Southern Cos, Junior bitch at FLC of GB, then repeating the award at East Of England, but going one better to take RCC behind her half sister, Lumo. Then onto Leeds, where she impressed by settling into traveling show dog mode, enjoying the long drive, and settling into hotel room like a seasoned pro! At the show she won yet another JB class and her second RCC being just short of 14 months old.

Then wow, for Bath, she traveled with Sam Moore – so we could stay home and work/look after the latest pups, again settling well into hotel with Sam, Alisha and best mate Uka. Then to our amazement at tender age of 14 months she excelled, taking not only Junior bitch, but the bitch CC and BOB.