The puppies have arrived, I have been spoiled by day time deliveries and when Peli started to get restless on Wednesday morning I though with a bit of luck they will appear before the Euro semi finals.  But Peli was in no hurry, so in fact the pups were born in the early hours of Thursday morning the last being born as the rest of the house awoke for a norm day, I had enjoyed a night with no sleep at all.  The scan showed 4 pups, and 4 pups arrived all of good weight (around 400g) and the labour was easy albeit unhurried.  As expected we have 50/50 wolf sables to tricolours, with three bitches and one dog (he is w/s) and all are doing very well, with Peli being an attentive mum – even in the heat!

Use the slider below to see how they have grown from a few hours to a week

peli with new born pupsweek old