Have to brag that over this week, we have only had one night when there was one poop in the pen over night and that was after they’d been disturbed by foxes in early hours of morning. They continue to let me know during the day if they need to go out.  Have to say that they are now ready to join new families, but as it is not possible to insure pups until they are 8 weeks, they will stay here, but having a “one size fits all” rule is a bit silly when different breeds develop at different rates.  I’ve always have pups at no later than 7 weeks, as the intelligent breeds like border collies and lapphunds really benefit from early one to one training/socialisation.  That said I get more cuddles and kisses.  This week they’ve had more car rides, a short trip to check the boys have their “crown jewels” – all good there, and another trip to catch up with Pia and Ian for some more delightful photos, though was very warm, so we did not push for staged shots.   I’ve been separating pups, into smaller groups of 2-3  and even some one to one time to get them used to being alone.  As well as meeting my grown ups they have also met Dusty, Maggie and Kaisa, who is a few months off her 16th birthday and is so kind to the little fluffs.

Next week I will be busy completing their puppy packs and paperwork.  The Puppy manual now runs to 38 pages!  As a KC Assured Breeder there are a number of stipulated requirements, so have been pulling all the relevant paperwork together.  The puppies and families are now all matched and names chosen and puppy goody bags are being put together ready for them to leave at 8 weeks.  They are booked in for their microchips and health checks, funny how vets are willing to give up the last couple of slots of an evening surgery so all staff get to “help” with my pups. Then they have another trip to the eve specialist at Optivet at Havant for their puppy litter screening.

Enjoy the photos this week, I am afraid next week it will be back to my snaps.

Click on the small photos to open a bigger image.

Plus a bonus selection of some candid shots – puppies being puppies  – and guest appearance by Kaisa – who is nearly 16 years old