Don’t get them wet! Wasn’t that a warning with cute Gizmo – well of course the pups don’t turn into evil gremlins, but its been so warm and dry – it came as a bit of a shock to the pups to find damp stuff falling from the sky.  Though of course lapphunds are pretty much water proof, their thick coats may appear damp on outside, but a quick towel down and they are dry again.

Energy levels are definitely increasing, games are more robust and the pups now get up speed running about – but they still love the indoor activity centre, going crazy when I put it in their indoor pen.  They are now packing away 4 bowls of food a day, and Mera tolerates them feeding for short bursts, but their teeth are now really too much for her.  They are pretty clean during day, with one or two actually asking to go out if they feel the need to poop, but generally the timing is working well for all.

This week saw their first car ride and they were calm and quiet – but one girl and one boy were a little sick, so will see what happens on next trip.

This week you are treated to some stunning photos – courtesy of Pia and Ian – enjoy.

Click on the small photos to open a bigger image.

Plus a bonus selection of some candid shots – puppies being puppies  – and guest appearance by Kaisa – who is nearly 16 years old