As the pups develop from 3 to 4 weeks, they are now growing fast, their games and interactions are much more puppy like, chewing and biting each other, and any humans. They are playing with their toys, and using the harder toys to work those new teeth through their gums.

The puppy mousse is still going down a treat, so am starting to introduce soaked puppy kibble and some fresh mince. Mera loves the job of cleaning up the bowl after the pups have finished their meals! When I start introducing puppy mousse I also ensure pups have access to a very shallow bowl of water, now you will see they have progressed to a proper bowl, and are regularly taking a drink.

The outdoor puppy pen is now up and we have a canvas sail over the top to protect the pups from the sun, at first they were unsure of the big out doors, but after a few trips outside they are now getting up speed trotting about and saying hello to the other dogs through the fence panels. On the plus side, getting pups outside means that we can start trying to time the outdoor play with inevitable puppy pooping, so can encourage them to do their “business” outside.

Head shots with profile this week – click on the small photos to open a bigger image.