Finally a few days later than is normal for my litters, the weather improved enough on Wednesday to get the puppies outside, as ever with anything new – the first reaction is to stand still and freeze and take stock of the situation, I guess this would stand them in good stead in the wild and they needed to be invisible to predators?  After a few seconds the inquisitiveness takes over and they start exploring the new extended space and are soon trotting up and down, and the games become rather more intense – with lots of growling and hanging off ears and tails!

By getting puppies outside regularly I hope to encourage them to do their toileting outside.  Biologically, given them a meal and opportunity to run about definitely helps stimulate them, so by timing it right they poop outside.  Plus every time the pups wake up they want to pee, so it’s all action stations to put them outside again to try and ensure they associate toileting with the outside.  Certainly something that new owners need to remember when the pups join their new homes, diligence in this will help encourage puppies to house train very quickly.

More “toys” added to the mix, empty plastic bottles, cardboard loo rolls tubes and a cardboard box, for exploration (and a bit of chewing).  Talking of chewing, the pups’ teeth are really developing now and they are only having slightly softened food, plus enjoy a piece of carrot to gnaw on, they can certainly use the teeth to make each other squeal, its a wonder they don’t all have pierced ears.

At five weeks old, they are now well used to nail cutting and grooming, I use a soft bristle brush and separate the hair in sections, to get the brush right through to roots, and once brushed they look bigger.  This week they also have to endure another batch of worming, three days of the nasty tasting liquid squirted into their mouth, check out week two news for details of the need to worm.  The activity has to be repeated at regular intervals to ensure any emerging larvae are destroyed  as the cysts are activated, and worming with vet grade medication should continue monthly ongoing till around 6 months and then regularly  throughout life.

More visitors this weekend, lots of cuddles, and you will pleased to see a better class of photo – click on each thumbnail to see a larger version.