The second week really shows the pups expand at a rate of knots, they eat a lot (sleep a lot) and grow and grow.  From the photos you can see the colours developing – especially on the boys – with Cullinan having a lot of cream colouring showing, to make him an easy spot – especially upside down.  Eyes are opening – Bunting being first to have them properly open, but each pup is peering out of the corner of their eyes.  Like human babies, their eyes are blue when born, and they soon darken, the Finnish Lapphund breed standard calls for a dark brown eye colour, and the shape and colour of the eye contribute a lot to the soft friendly expression of the breed.  Pale eyes tend to look harsh and intimidating, which is not typical for the breed.

They have their nails cut weekly to protect Mera from scratches and to ensure they don’t get caught up in their bedding.  As they turn 2 weeks I will then subject them to their three days of worming using panacur 10% solution, this is to kill off the inevitable roundworms that are transferred via placenta and milk having lain dormant in their mum and are “activated” by pregnancy hormones. More information on Toxocara canis – aka roundworms and why it is important to continue a routine worming regime.

The pups and Mera have relocated from the whelping box in the spare room to a larger puppy pen in my study – this means that now the puppies can start to take in the noise and activity of a normal home as they become increasing aware of their surroundings.

Close up head shots this week, click on the small photos to open a bigger image.