What a show – have always loved Windsor – and this year was a truly special show, with our souvenir of Finland – Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth taking his 3rd CC under judge Rose-Marie Emery from Sweden, to (subject to KC confirmation) take his UK crown.

We are truly grateful to Jukka Kuusisto for his trust in us and agreeing (after a bit of friendly bullying/persuasion) to let Uka come to the UK – he certainly has done you proud.

  • First CC – 18/5/18 – Judge: Celia Vines
  • Second CC – 27/5/18 – Judge: Sue Dunger
  • Third CC – 30/6/18 – Judge: Rose-Marie Emery

His Champion title in 6 weeks and a day !
(Photo by Anna Szabo)

I had not realised that Pelinainen’s CC at Crufts was the 50th CC won by a Lapphund bred by me  – WOW

Counting Halla & Uka – dogs bearing the Elbereth Affix have now amassed 58 CCs