Project Description

(Fin Ch Lumiturpa Nörri x Sulyka Mischa at Elbereth)

26/4/2000 – 6/5/2015

Toive means hope in finnish, she was from the Uk’s first Pet passport litter, and there was a lot of hope on my behalf that Echo & Nörri would produce some lovely pups, and boy did they!  Toive was a lively pup, and I always joked that had I sold her she would have been sent back quickly! A high energy girl with a terrific keenness to please me and work. One of the most obedient dogs I have had – she was very attached to me – and this meant she did not like me out of her sight – so the down stay was not going to happen, she simply crawled along on her tummy so she was at my side – preferably touching my foot with her paw!  She took to agility very well and even dabbled at working trials.

Toive was a lovely friendly dog – being a regular visitor to Discover Dogs, and thoroughly enjoying the attention she received, she was also very child friendly – loving it when Phillip’s school friends visited, and happily enjoying a rough and tumble.  A great ambassador for the breed she met up with many prospective new owners here at home and worked her charm on them.

She had a good show career, starting out as the Top Puppy in 2001, where she finished her puppy career in style with BP under Hans Lehtinen at Birmingham National Ch show.

A number of BB awards followed and a very successful career overseas – where she was much appreciated for her attitude and terrific sound strong movement, easily gaining her Int crown long before CCs were on offer in UK, in fact she was unbeaten as a bitch at overseas shows, and only once beaten for BOB, a pretty impressive record.

I think her biggest mark on the breed here in UK is as an amazing brood bitch, all three of Toive’s litters have been sired by overseas sires, to date the most successful brood bitch in UK, in three litters she had 18 pups, nothing special there, but from her litters, producing 8 best of sex winners (1 more than her dam), notably:

  • Elbereth Kimmi (by Osky des Chevaloupsgreg) – born 6/10/2003
  • Elbereth Kyky (by Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi) – born 24/4/2006
  • Elbereth Suvi at Cochochr ShCM (by Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi) – born 24/4/2006
  • Elbereth Mikko ShCM  (by Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi) – born 24/4/2006
  • Elbereth Keskiyö ShCM (by Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi) – born 24/4/2006
  • Elbereth Kaisa at Arktinen (by Fin/WT Ch Lecibsin Kultakuono) – born 12/8/2007
  • Elbereth Penikka (by Fin/WT Ch Lecibsin Kultakuono) – born 12/8/2007
  • Elbereth Riku (by Fin/WT Ch Lecibsin Kultakuono) – born 12/8/2007
Toive sadly left us at 15 years of age – a healthy fit dog until old age just crept up on her.

Toive & her litter mates

Toive’s Offspring