I’m mindful that this litter just haven’t had the weekly photo updates – its had taking photos when you are on your own – so owners have had to be content with candid shots on FB and videos.

The last week or so has been busy – first puppies were chipped then headed of to my old haunt of Mandeville Vet Hospital to see Sally Turner, eye specialist for their litter screening, they all passed.  The visit to Mandeville was full of lovely memories as I worked there for many years with Sally’s parents, Trevor and Jean Turner, and I owe so much to them, for the things I now know and can pass onto owners and friends.

Then this week the pups have their 3rd vet appointment – for a vet health check and is required under the Assured Breeder Scheme, a clean bill of health.

Sadly no expert photos from Pia, so have to make do with mine and Stuart’s attempts late one night !

Puppy bags sorted and filled up, paperwork completed and given the size of the documents and info provided – (I hate to print off copious amounts of paper – plus like to share the photos I have taken) – so everything is copied to a USB memory stick (well it is 21st Century) and Agria Puppy insurance evoked and the foursome are ready to head off to new adventures.

We are awaiting the KC registration papers – so names are not confirmed, but pet names given below