It’s amazing how much the pups develop in the second week – their eyes open from about 10 days to 14 days and that means they are suddenly more aware of being picked up and also sounds seem to be noticed more – so they react to voices.

Then there is the movement and interaction, instead of just pulling themselves on their bellies like seals – they start to stand – OK so its rather hit and miss in the early days, as they take steps across the vet bed – and then fall over. But there is a strong keenness to start walking, and they are holding their heads up to look for/smell Halla and head in her direction.

Then after a good feed, they start to “play” with each other, some definite attempts to play bite, with mouths open wide as they gum each other, and even start nibbling at mum’s feet or ears. As they get stronger on their legs and more in control with their balance I will be able to offer them something else to eat, and then the messy phase will start.

As they are now aware of their surroundings – I have moved them to the big play pen in my study, this pleases Halla no end as now she is no longer torn with being with pups or me – she gets best of both worlds. Plus of course now the pup’s socialisation starts. From extra handling and cuddling, to the noises of household life, and slowly some routine will develop. Puppies grow quickly in size and in mental capacity, and this early socialisation whilst here is crucial to becoming sensible easily adaptable dogs.

For comparison two photos of the pups feeding – shortly after birth (before we had a full house) compared to week 2. Plus their individual mug shots – and as I can no longer call them pups 1-6 – they have gained “descriptive” names, but do not expect them to be very creative – for me giving “actual names” makes it hard to rename pups when personalities develop and they are off to their new homes, so these names are simply to be able to reference them as they grow.

Baby Halla (B)
Flash (B)
Wolfie (B)
Speedy (D)
Buster (D)
Velvet (B)
Baby Halla