Had a super walk – with the social distancing bit, meeting up with Jill and puppy Miska (Elbereth Miskatar) – who me up with both her grandads; Matka & Uka ! Miska is 7 months old now and is a lovely well rounded pup, she was super excited at first to meet the boys and seemed to worship Uka, following him everywhere. A lovely confident girl, with a good recall to whistle and cream cheese (not the recalled batch), and boy does she look like her mum, Peli.

Uka, Matka & Miska

The Viima and Halla pups are now three weeks old, much more mobile, much more aware of their surroundings and much much more interested in semi solid food, and growing before my eyes! This week; more nail clipping, a little brushing, lots of cuddles and general noise making. The “Sounds CD” is now essential listening – to try and prepare them for the big wide world.